Data Viz and Storytelling

In this course, students will learn to appreciate the importance of successful data visualizations and intelligible stories in communicating insights. Using real-world datasets, learners will gain the necessary skills to fashion effective vizzes that exhibit not only good design elements but also layers of information that when weaved together as a narrative can drive stakeholders to take action. Storytelling will be emphasized across the sessions.

On a more technical aspect, students, in this course, will also get to widen their visualization vocabulary. In addition, they will be introduced to the different viz tools available including Tableau, QGIS, and Gephi (a network visualization tool). They will also, of course, learn how to create visualizations in Python with pandas, networkx, geopandas, matplotlib, and plotly, among others.

Here are some essays from my students on their thoughts about and experience in DVS.

Erika Fille Legara
Aboitiz Chair in Data Science

My research interests include complexity science, network science, artificial intelligence, and computational social science.