Data Science

Data Viz and Storytelling

In this course, students will learn to appreciate the importance of successful data visualizations and intelligible stories in communicating insights. Using real-world datasets, learners will gain the necessary skills to fashion effective vizzes that …

Intro to Data Science

In this course, students learn data science fundamentals that are more in tune with their applications to business; essentially, how the field is applied in the real-world. Students are provided with a comprehensive overview of data science and …

Business Analytics

This course introduces participants to the latest trends in analytics in the era of big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. The course explores various data-driven approaches, frameworks, and models used by different industries …

National Youth Congress

Beyond the Numbers: Navigating a Data-Informed Philippine

AECOM Webinar Series

Smart Cities: Designing the Next Philippine Smart City. Technology will change, but the fundamental needs of people will not. City planning will require nimble frameworks that will allow cities to harness data today and tomorrow for quality of life. …

Mentoring (Industry Projects)

Aside from teaching at AIM, I also supervise students in R&D especially when they engage industry/government stakeholders as part of their academic program's requirements.

AFP Integrated Missle System Program Workshop

This is a workshop on the development of the AFP integrated missile system. The activities include briefing on industry and foreign perspectives from Israel, Sweden, India, and South Korea, among others. I was tasked to talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution with special focus on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence and how they can impact the future of defense.

41st GACPA Annual National Convention and Seminar

The main theme is 'Promoting Integrity, Advancing Excellence' to update delegates and keep them abreast with current developments that could help them effectively perform their roles in their respective areas of responsibility.

FY 2020 Infor Manila Kick-Off Event

In this event, I have been invited to talk about the 'global tech outlook on AI, data science, software development, and how the Philippines can leverage on these global opportunities.' I will also discuss about 'being a world-class Filipino talent …

National DOST Scholars' Summit 2019

On the 6th and 7th of April 2019, the UP DOST SA will be catering 700 DOST Scholars across the country for the National DOST Scholars' Summit (NDSS), a nationwide event conceived to promote scientific awareness, bridge career opportunities, and …