industry 4.0

ACCeSs@AIM-Cauayan City Smart City Project

I am currently the co-project lead of a smart city project funded under the DOST-PCIEERD **Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology** program.

AI Roadmap for the Philippines

My colleague Chris Monterola and I have been tapped by the Philippines Government through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for crafting the AI roadmap (AI national strategy) for the Philippines. We will also help in setting-up a task force for this whole of government initiative.


We have an on-going project with the Manila Water, Corp. funded through the DOST-PCIEERD CRADLE grant. The title of the project is "Enhanced Forecasting Model for Complex Water Supply Systems of the East Service Area of Metro Manila"

AFP Integrated Missle System Program Workshop

This is a workshop on the development of the AFP integrated missile system. The activities include briefing on industry and foreign perspectives from Israel, Sweden, India, and South Korea, among others. I was tasked to talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution with special focus on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence and how they can impact the future of defense.

Women's Summit - Marilao, Bulacan

To promote women empowerment

Forum on Competition in Developing Countries

Technological Disruption: Issues and Challenges in Market Competition. What opportunities do new technologies provide to small players and traditional sectors (e.g. agriculture)?

Technology and Inclusion in Asia

The keynote address will discuss two closely-related challenges in Asia: rising inequality and the impact of technologies. As to the first challenge, growing income inequality is a global concern. Especially in the aftermath of the Asian and global …