Forum on Competition in Developing Countries


Technological Disruption: Issues and Challenges in Market Competition. What opportunities do new technologies provide to small players and traditional sectors (e.g. agriculture)?

Feb 1, 2019 8:30 AM
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Event Description

The Philippine Competition Commission (“PCC”) will organize the 2019 Forum on Competition in Developing Countries (“2019 F-CDC”) to discuss competition issues faced by the Philippines and other developing economies amid disruptive technological change. As countries climb the development ladder, innovations that drive the emergence of Industry 4.0 offer many unique opportunities to fast-track progress towards the technological frontier. Although platform technologies and applications boost market access and productivity especially for small market players or traditional sectors such as agriculture, innovations may also strengthen the market power of incumbent or dominant players.

As a prelude to the 2020 Manila Forum on Competition in Developing Countries, a biennial international forum inaugurated in February 2018, the 2019 F-CDC serves as a platform for a more localized discourse for competition authorities, sector regulators, industry players, and renowned experts on competition law and policy from the ASEAN+3 region. Focusing on the features of the local competition landscape, the 2019 F-CDC will delve into the opportunities for small market players and the risks to market competition that accompany technological disruptions. The 2019 F-CDC will also explore ways by which competition authorities can effectively work with sector regulators amid dynamic and emerging business models that change how markets operate.

Erika Fille Legara
Aboitiz Chair in Data Science

My research interests include complexity science, network science, artificial intelligence, and computational social science.