Mentoring (Industry Projects)

MSc. in Data Science (2020)

  1. Jonathan C. Uy, Mark Lorenze D. Torregoza, Cedric Conol, and Rosely D. Pena
    • Topic: Forecasting Commodity Price Movements with Found Data
  2. Kris Gerald R. Del Norte, Victor M. Callos, Aries L. de Guzman, and Ren Christian Santos
    • Topic: Decision-Support Tool for Operational and Strategic Demand Forecasting
  3. Van Arloe Yu, Ray Franco G. Rivera, Marvin V. Belina, and Kevin Anthony S. Sison
    • Topic: Maximizing Lead Generation
  4. Oonre Zak Khalil O. Advincula, Chelsea Anne S. Ong, Roy Ritche L. Vy, and Martin Salvano
    • Topic: Demand and Sales Forecasting
  5. Jeddahlyn Gacera, Roy Joseph R. Roberto, Elijah Justin M. Medina, and Jomilynn Rebanal
    • Topic: Healthcare Research

MSc. in Data Science (2019)

  1. Lorenzo Santamaria, Allan Timonera, and Joao Valenciano
    • Topic: Recruitment Analytics
  2. Marwell Dalangin, Reynaldo Tugade, Jayson Yodico, and Sashmir Yap
    • Topic: Demand Forecasting
  3. Jon Colipapa, Adrian Galido, Shehab Ibrahim, and Aian Rosales
    • Topic: A Data Science Pipeline for Automated Quantification of Classroom Dynamics
  4. Emmanuel Almendras, Teresita Carvajel-Amanse, Joshua Hiwatig, and John Titus Jungao
    • Topic: Demand Forecasting

Most of the capstone projects under the MSc. in Data Science program are highly confidential; thus, no additional details can be readily shared.

Erika Fille Legara
Aboitiz Chair in Data Science

My research interests include complexity science, network science, artificial intelligence, and computational social science.