Industry and Government Projects

Industry Projects



Fujitsu Co., Ltd.

As part of the Dynamic Mobility Management (DMM) project under the A*STAR-Fujitsu-SMU Centre of Excellence on Urban Computing and Engineering, I’ve been working closely with some of the scientists and research engineers from Fujitsu and the SMU (technical team led by A/Prof Cheng Shih-Fen).

Baseride Technologies Pte. Ltd.

HN Huynh, E Makarov, EF Legara, C Monterola, LY Chew, “Characterisation and comparison of spatial patterns in urban systems: A case study of U.S. cities,” Journal of Computational Science 24, January 2018.

Government Projects (R&D and Workshops)


  • Department of Finance
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines


  • Singapore Land Transport Authority
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Agency for Science, Technology, and Research

Funded Projects

  1. Tansport Indicators Modelling using Complex System Tools (TrIMCoST)

    • Role: co-principal investigator (co-PI), research scientist
    • Grant: Land Transport Innovation Fund Grant

  2. Quantifying Transit System Resilience Measure using a Complex Network Approach (TINKR)

    • Role: principal investigator (PI)
    • Grant: A*STAR Trans Lab Grant
Erika Fille Legara
Aboitiz Chair in Data Science

My research interests include complexity science, network science, artificial intelligence, and computational social science.