AECOM Webinar Series


Smart Cities: Designing the Next Philippine Smart City. Technology will change, but the fundamental needs of people will not. City planning will require nimble frameworks that will allow cities to harness data today and tomorrow for quality of life. To be future flexible, adaptability must be baked into the very beginning stages of a masterplan — and at every opportunity along the way. With the rapid expansion of infrastructure projects across the country, what will the future of our cities look like? With new cities, such as New Clark City developing into the next metropolis, what steps must key stakeholders consider in order to develop a smart city suitable for the country? How will Metro Manila adapt and keep up with the growth of the population and the current urban sprawl? Our fourth webinar session will tackle smart city solutions, citing global examples and discuss what smart cities in the Philippines will look like.

Nov 26, 2020 10:30 AM
Webinar Series


  • Keynote Speaker: Mr. Vishal Kundra, Technical Director of DPE Master Planning, AECOM
  • Mr. Van Tang, Head of Business Development and International Partnerships, Hitachi Consulting
  • Dr. Erika Fille T. Legara, Program Director of the Master of Science in Data Science, Asian Institute of Management
  • Engr. Joshua M. Bingcang, Senior Vice President, Conversion and Development Group, BCDA
Erika Fille Legara
Aboitiz Chair in Data Science

My research interests include complexity science, network science, artificial intelligence, and computational social science.