Building Your Career Is More Than Technical

Here, I share insights and advice from my experience as the Academic Program Director of the Asian Institute of Management's MSc in Data Science program from 2017 to 2024. Reflecting on the recurring questions from graduating students about career …

My Speech as MD at the Launch of the Center for AI Research

On July 03, 2024, the Philippines' launched its first AI Research Hub, the Center for AI Research.

Reflecting on Seven Incredible Years as APD of the MSc in Data Science

Yesterday, we welcomed the ninth cohort of MSDS students at the Asian Institute of Management. It's so surreal that we're here... What's more surreal is that this will be the last time I'll welcome a cohort as Program Director. As I step down after …

Driving Efficiency Innovation Through Enterprise AI Collaboration

Here, I share a groundbreaking two-year AI R&D project at the Asian Institute of Management, showcasing the power of triple helix collaboration between academia, industry, and government. Our team developed ensemble deep learning models to automate …

Educators+Machines: Reshaping the Future of Business Education

In my keynote at the GNAM deans and directors meeting, 'Educators and Machines: Shaping the Future of Business Education,' I addressed how AI can transform teaching, administration, and overall strategy in business schools. The session combined …

The Importance of Functional Analysts in Data-Driven Organizations

Unlocking the Full Potential of Organizations with the Right Team of Functional Analysts

Human Capital is the Main Asset for Innovation and Digital Transformation

That was the title of the session I joined at the 2021 Inclusive Innovation Conference (IIC) organized by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry. The IIC aims to “discuss and track changes and progress in the country’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and seek to harmonize strategies towards new goalposts that can further elevate the country’s innovation and competitiveness.” I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the questions raised in the session.